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PW Audio

PW Audio Siren 8.6mm Dynamic Driver In-Ear Monitor IEM Earphone

PW Audio Siren 8.6mm Dynamic Driver In-Ear Monitor IEM Earphone

Brand: PW Audio

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After 5 years and over a thousand revisions of the case, materials and tuning, PW Audio's first headphones are finally released.

PW has always focused on producing upgraded cables, and back in 2016, the brand founder Peter Wong wanted to develop a pair of headphones for fun and for work. A pair of unisex headphones would be good for testing the variations of different cables. The project was never released because Peter is very demanding in sound and never produces products that are just a bunch of junk.

Siren is a Greek mythological siren with a human head and a bird body, also known as the "beautiful bird", who sings on the reefs of the sea, using her beautiful voice to attract sailors on the voyage and enchanting them with her singing voice.

The construction of PW Audio Siren is not complicated, with a CNC metal case and a single moving coil, and each pair of headphones is matched by Peter Wong before they leave the factory, with an individual number. The sound is just like a beautiful bird with a moving voice, and it seems to have a magic power that makes people can't put it down.

The breakthrough, not the difference

Siren should be the first headphones in the world, the package does not come with any accessories, no ear gel, no cable, no protective cover, just a pair of headphones. After careful consideration, the brand thought that the people who bought Siren are PW Audio's soulmates, and this group of users will have their own accessories and PW Audio's cables, so it is superfluous to include accessories. This decision will not be a waste, but also to further reduce the price.

It is this pure and dedicated spirit that has enabled PW Audio to develop to this day.

PW Audio Siren Specifications:

  • Driver: 8.6mm Dynamic Driver
  • Connector: 0.78 CM 2-Pin


Please be reminded that this item contains earphones ONLY, and does NOT come with an earphone cable. 

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