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SONY EP-NI1010 Foam Eartips for WF-1000XM5 True Wireless Earphone 1 Pair Per Pack

SONY EP-NI1010 Foam Eartips for WF-1000XM5 True Wireless Earphone 1 Pair Per Pack

Brand: Sony

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SONY EP-NI1010 Foam Eartips (1 Pair per Pack)

SONY EP-NI1010 transport yourself to an exclusive world of music, podcasts, movies, and more with our new sound-isolating earbud tips, designed for increased comfort and better noise cancellation.

  • The use of originally developed polyurethane foam material provides high sound insulation and stability due to the material's unique flexibility.
  • The unique structure of the foam material makes it smooth and easy to put on.
  • The unique structure combines elastic material and foam material. Smooth and easy to put on while having soft foam in the exterior part.
  • Reduced pressure sensation by optimizing the shape
  • Compatible with all Sony in-ears except for Walkman WS series, sports models, and other models that come with an arc supporter
  • Better sound insulation

Made using unique polyurethane foam material developed by Sony, these soft and elastic earbuds offer better adhesion to the ear canal wall, which enhances sound insulation and blocks out more noise - especially in the high-frequency range. This gives you a more comfortable and immersive listening experience.

  • A stable, comfortable fit

The combination of elastic and foam combined with the newly designed shape reduces pressure in the ear making these earbuds exceptionally comfortable. It also makes them easy to keep clean3, and with four different sizes available, you'll find a perfect fit whatever the size and shape of your ears.

  • Taking care of your earbud tips

When caring for your Noise Isolation Earbuds Tips, please avoid washing with water, wet wipes, and organic solvents such as alcohol, as these can cause premature deterioration. If foreign objects such as earwax are attached to the mesh part of the earbud tip, the sound may become muffled or difficult to hear. Remove the earbud tip from the headset, apply a cotton swab lightly to the mesh part, and rotate the cotton swab slowly to wipe off the dirt. Be careful not to tear the mesh part.

4 Different Sizes:

  • Extra Small SS (1 Pair per Pack) EP-NI1010SS
  • Small S (1 Pair per Pack) EP-NI1010S
  • Medium M  (1 Pair per Pack) EP-NI1010M
  • Large L  (1 Pair per Pack) EP-NI1010L


  • Black
What's in the box ?
  • Each pack contains 1 Pair (2 pieces) of same size
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