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Fender AE2i Lightning DAC Amplifier for 3.5mm Earphone Apple iOS iPhone iPad

Fender AE2i Lightning DAC Amplifier for 3.5mm Earphone Apple iOS iPhone iPad

Brand: Fender

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Among Fender's personal audio products, the AE1i Audio Enhancer is one of the most popular and highest selling products.

Three years after its launch, the development team has officially launched an upgraded model, AE2i Audio Enhancer, which is not only the appearance, but also the new design of the amplification circuit, with Cirrus Logic decoder chip, ADI amplifier chip and AppleTM patented A2M chip.

With a dedicated program and playback software, the phone is instantly transformed into a DAP to play high-standard music at any time.

For those who have used the previous generation of AE1i, Fender has developed a dedicated iOS App << Audio Enhancer >> for this purpose, and with the launch of AE2i, the dedicated interface will be updated at the same time. This includes a preset EQ for different sound orientations, a 7-band adjustable EQ in the 250Hz-16kHz range, and a new preset EQ specifically for watching movies.

Fender AE2i Highlights.

  • Newly designed circuitry with independent CS decoder chip and ADI amplifier chip
  • New "angle" shaped aluminum case design provides good heat dissipation and improves appearance
  • Audio Enhancer application with audio/video EQ option to enhance dialogue clarity
  • MFi certification ensures compatibility with Apple devices

Fender AE2i Specifications

  • Plug: Lightning to 3.5mm
  • DSP chip: Apple A2M
  • Decoder chip: Cirrus Logic CS42L83
  • Amplifier chip: Analog Devices Inc. chip
  • Support: 24bit/192kHz (MFI limited to 24bit/48kHz)
  • Output power: 195mW @32 Ohms
  • Power level: 1.25vrms
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 104dB
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.065%
  • Weight: 7g

Fender iOS App (Audio Enhancer):


This product contains Fender AE2i ONLY. iPhone, Earphone is NOT included.

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