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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the shipping fee?

We have a shipping fee quote available inside the shopping cart. You can simply place your items into the cart then select the country to ship to and get the shipping fee right away.

How long does it take to ship to me?

Our warehouse is located in Hong Kong, which is very efficient in processing your orders. Here are our experiences on the usual delivery time for different regions.

Australia and New Zealand: around 8 to 10 days.
Canada: around 8 to 10 days.
Europe: around 8 to 14 days.
France: around 8 to 12 days.
India: around 9 to 14 days.
Middle East: around 6 to 9 days.
Israel: around 14 days
South East Asia and Japan: around 4 to 6 days.
UK: around 8 to 12 days.
US: around 8 to 10 days.
Brazil: around 30 days.
Please note that Christmas season is very unpredictable and please expect a little delay because of the volume of mails. Please Contact Us for any further questions.

What about Express shipping?

Our Express shipping is using a combination of courier express service like FedEx and Post office EMS service to effectively lower the shipping cost to you. We will use the best possible express delivery to you to ensure the quickest and safest arrival. The usual delivery time is around 2-5 days depending on where you are.
Australia and New Zealand: around 2-3 days.
Canada: around 2-3 days.
Europe: around 2-3 days.
France: around 2-3 days.
India: around 4-7 days.
Middle East: around 4-6 days.
Israel: around 2-3 days
South East Asia and Japan: around 1-3 days.
UK: around 2-3 days.
US and Canada: around 2-3 days.
Brazil: around 1 week. Please provide your Brazilian Tax ID CPF.

Do you have tracking code for me to trace my package?

Yes, our standard shipping method is by post office with tracking number. We will send you the mail tracking code by an automatic email after each shipment dispatches for your reference. Please note that the tracking code is very important, most customers can use the code to locate their packages from their post offices. 

Can I pay with my local currency?

All of our products are priced at US dollars. However if you are using credit card to pay via Shopify Payment, then you can choose to pay by Australian Dollar or British Pounds, Canadian Dollar, Euro, and Hong Kong Dollar shown on the product page. Yes the price on the page!
If you are paying via Paypal, you can select to pay with a list of common currencies offered by Paypal. Which included Australian, Canadian, Euros, Japanese Yen, British Pounds, and more. But please note that Paypal's rate is around 2.5% higher than normal rate. You can opt to pay in US dollar and allow your credit card convert to your local currency at today's rate for you.

Paypal refuses to take my payment, what can I do?

Paypal payment system is with a very high security standard. If there is a small discrepancy with your billing address, you will not be able to get through. Please pay attention on the address detail when using Paypal. You can always Contact Us for any payment difficulties; we will try our best to help. 

Shopify Payment does not take my payment, what can I do?

We found that most customers cannot get through the Verified by Visa authentication, which is very important for the bank to verify your card. Please Contact Us for any payment difficulties; we will try our best to help.

Do I have to pay sales tax?

No you do not have to pay any sales tax. Hong Kong does not charge any tax on sales purchases. 

Do I have to pay custom duty?

Although we cannot be responsible for your country's custom duty tax, we will try our best to help to minimize the risk. However there are still chances that you will need to pay custom duty enforced by your country. We have been shipping around the World for 15 years, we know who we are dealing with.
For US, Australia or New Zealand you probably do not need to worry about custom tax issue.

Do I have warranty on the products?

All products we sell are New and Genuine in original packing. We do not sell used or fake products. However, the warranty issued, unless otherwise stated, is usually effective in Hong Kong. To take the warranty, you will be responsible to mail us the product and we will help to fix it by authorized professional personnel at distributors. Then we will ship it back to you.
Please keep the original box with you for warranty purposes. Most distributor will state that they will need the warranty sticker on the box in order for them to honor the warranty service for you. This issue is especially true for AUDIO TECHNICA product here. They will refuse any warranty request if the warranty sticker with serial number on the box is not presented.

What does the voltage 100V, 110V, or 240V means to me?

Most electronic products nowadays are with universal voltages (100V-240V) which can work anywhere in all countries. However, there may be some products that are specifically designed with a limited range of voltage. Please read the voltage note on product specifications.
Usually 100V - 110V will work in the US, Canada, and Japan. 220V - 240V will work in countries like Europe, UK, Australia, New Zealand and etc.

Will the plug works with my country's sockets?

We will provide a free of charge travel plug adapter for your country. However, please note that we only have the following 4 types to choose from:
UK type
US type
Europe type
Australia type
If we cannot find which type to use in your country, we may not be able to provide a suitable plug adapter with the shipment. Please Contact Us to let us know about it.

The price is so low, is it a real stuff that I am getting?

Rest assured, we only sell New and Genuine products in original packages at AccessoryJack. No fake products. We keep our price reasonably low by getting better cost structures and streamline operation efficiencies, but NOT by lower quality products. Customer satisfaction is always the first concern for us.


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