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Acoustune HS2000MX MKIII In-Ear Monitor Earphone Pentaconn Ear with OFC Cable Made In Japan

Acoustune HS2000MX MKIII In-Ear Monitor Earphone Pentaconn Ear with OFC Cable Made In Japan

Brand: Acoustune

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Acoustune HS2000MX MKIII is the flagship model of Acoustune's latest dynamic coil technology, which is based on the latest design concepts and utilizes new materials and technologies that Acoustune has introduced in previous limited edition products.

  • The NEW ACT47 Chamber with a shell made of sterling silver.
  • The second generation of Myrinx Composite drive units, with a diaphragm made of medical-grade polymer biomaterial and a beryllium membrane made in Japan for the upper sound dome.
  • New silver and black color scheme.
  • New ARX500 cable, eight strand silver plated OFC and ultra fine OFC design, and replaceable source end plugs.
  • New Bamboo Box and Carrying Case.
  • Three types of ear gels AEX70, AEX50 and AEX07 are included.
  • Made in Japan.

Product Features
Myrinx Composite Dynamic Drivers with Japanese beryllium film dome
In the tradition of Acoustune's headphone drivers, Myrinx diaphragms are made of medical-grade polymer biomaterials and the dome is made of beryllium film made in Japan. Due to a combination of availability, mass production and cost, this material has never been used in conventional products.

In addition to the smooth, linear reproduction and rich bass of a dynamic driver, the highly rigid metal dome dampens resonance and delivers tight, controlled bass like a well-coordinated orchestra.

Acoustune Modular Technology (A.C.T.)
Until now, a key feature of the Acoustune range has been its modular construction, where the acoustic chamber is completely separate from the mechanical enclosure. Now the modular construction has been further developed. By opening and closing the high-precision, noiseless removable housing, the user can change the acoustic chamber Chamber for future options and upgrades. The new chamber, ACT47, is made of sterling silver and emphasizes high-frequency extension, with a unique resonance point for a more noble sound than ever before.

ARX500 cables for "Full Balance
For cables, we used Acoustune's latest generation of ARX500 series cables. After much trial and error in terms of cable material, core count, and braiding method, we finally adopted the ARX500 series, taking into account the perfection of the cable and the balance of the entire headphone. The ARX500 series features an 8-core hybrid structure with silver-plated OFC and ultra-fine OFC cables, and a Pentaconn Ear connector. In addition to high-precision metal parts, the connector, splitter, and headphone jack are also made of high-precision metal parts to harmonize the entire headset and create a luxurious feel. The ARX500 is available with removable Φ3.5 and Φ4.4 plugs.

New ear gels utilizing SMP iFit® (Shape Memory Polymer from SMP Technologies).
The AEX50 & AEX70 ear gels have a double-wing shape. The wide wings provide a larger skin contact area at the entrance of the ear canal than standard earplugs. The material retains its shape when worn, and the fact that it fits snugly into the ear canal entrance means it doesn't need to be inserted too deeply, thus minimizing discomfort. In addition, the volume of space in the ear canal is increased due to the position of the earbuds and the soundstage can be perceived differently than with normal earbuds.
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