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1MORE SleepBuds Z30 Sleep Earphone Bluetooth Version 5.3 AAC SBC 14-hr Playback Time

1MORE SleepBuds Z30 Sleep Earphone Bluetooth Version 5.3 AAC SBC 14-hr Playback Time

Brand: 1MORE

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1MORE SleepBuds Z30 Sleep Earphones

The quality of sleep has a significant impact on one's mental and physical well-being, making it crucial to improve sleep quality. In recent years, 1MORE has introduced different series of earphones, including the ComfoBuds series, which focuses on comfortable wearing experience, the EVO series, which emphasizes sound quality, and the Fit series for sports enthusiasts. In addition to the SonoFlow series of noise-canceling headphones, this year sees the addition of the SleepBuds Z30 series, a set of earphones designed specifically for sleep. With its ultra-compact design and specially tailored sleep sound quality, it allows you to immerse yourself in music and easily fall asleep.

Key Features:
- Ultra-miniature body that doesn't press against your ears while sleeping
- Up to -24dB of noise isolation, effectively blocking out environmental noise
- Play relaxing melodies through the 1MORE MUSIC APP to help you sleep
- Built-in customizable playback timer in the app that automatically stops playing music and sleep-inducing melodies
- Equipped with antibacterial ear tips suitable for long-term use
- Unobtrusive and comfortable for side sleepers

Many people have tried sleeping with headphones, but when they turn to sleep on their sides, the protruding earphones can be uncomfortable. To ensure a peaceful night's sleep, the flat design of the SleepBuds allows them to fit completely inside the ear, without protruding or causing discomfort when sleeping on the side. The ultra-compact and lightweight body, even smaller than the famous ComfoBuds Mini, weighs only 2.7g per earphone, lighter than a sheet of A4 paper, making it barely noticeable when worn.
  • A great companion for everyday rest
In addition to providing comfortable wear, the SleepBuds also offer exceptional noise isolation. The canal design fits snugly into the ear canal, blocking out environmental noise up to 24dB. You can focus on listening to music and even enjoy a quiet space even when the music is turned off. It effectively blocks out your partner's snoring while falling asleep at night and allows you to enjoy moments of tranquility during breaks at the office or in the car.
  • Relaxing melodies to help you sleep
As earphones designed specifically for sleep, SleepBuds allow users to choose from 30 natural soundscapes with noise-canceling effects through the 1MORE MUSIC APP installed on their phones and connected to the SleepBuds. You can also customize the playback time and, after falling asleep, turn off the earphones. Within the app, you can choose to activate the sleep sound quality mode, which makes your favorite music sound more soothing, helping you relax and fall asleep easily.
  • Antibacterial ear tips for long-term use
Wearing headphones for an extended period while sleeping can increase humidity in the ears due to the enclosed environment, which can promote bacteria growth. To maintain clean and hygienic ear tips, SleepBuds adopt ear tips that meet EU standards, with an antibacterial rate of over 99%, effectively inhibiting the growth of bacteria.
  • Clear and vibrant sound with balanced armature drivers
The newly designed full-range balanced armature drivers are the perfect match for the SleepBuds' compact body. They provide balanced and natural sound with rich details, offering a refreshing and pleasant listening experience, making them ideal for listening to light music and nature sounds before falling asleep.
  • Two playback modes
1MORE has specially added two music playback modes for SleepBuds, providing different sound experiences. By simply opening the 1MORE MUSIC APP and connecting to the SleepBuds, users can instantly choose between a rhythm-based music mode and a more durable and comfortable sleep mode, allowing them to select the music playback mode that suits their situation and musical preferences.
  • Designed for focused sleep
In order to maintain a compact design and ensure a dedicated listening experience before sleep, SleepBuds have eliminated the microphone and do not support call functions. This reduces any disturbances during sleep, allowing you to achieve better sleep and enjoy the tranquility you've always desired with just a touch, instantly relaxing and enjoying a peaceful sleep.

  • Driver: Full-range balanced armature drivers
  • Bluetooth: 5.3
  • Audio Formats: AAC / SBC
  • Battery Life: - Standalone Playback: Approximately 8 hours (earphones fully charged), approximately 32 hours (earphones + charging case fully charged) - Bluetooth Playback: Approximately 6 hours (earphones fully charged), approximately 24 hours (earphones + charging case fully charged) - Total Playback Time: 14 hours
  • Charging Time: 85 minutes (earphones), 80 minutes (charging case)
  • Communication Range: 10 meters
  • Earphone Weight: 2.7g (per earphone)
  • Charging Case Weight: 34g
  • Total Weight: 39.4g
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