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Brise Audio

Brise Audio BSEP Cable for SONY IER-Z1R IEM Earphone 4.4mm Plug MMCX connector Made In Japan

Brise Audio BSEP Cable for SONY IER-Z1R IEM Earphone 4.4mm Plug MMCX connector Made In Japan

Brand: Brise Audio

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Brise Audio BSEP for SONY IER-Z1R shielding specifications already have the same material as the highest grade MURAKUMO, it is worth mentioning that it already includes a 7-layer structure composed of a special electromagnetic wave absorbing material, which absorbs electromagnetic waves and converts heat, and has a very good high-frequency performance, and it is also absolutely comparable to the structure of the same factory's stereo cables.

Brise Audio's headphone cable assemblies are as detailed as the sliders and L-type plugs on the cables. Brise Audio's headphone cable components, such as the sliders on the cables and the L-type plugs, are all made in-house. Titanium wire is used in the ear hooks to make the cable more stable and effective in blocking external interference.

Since Brise Audio BSEP for SONY IER-Z1R is specifically tuned for Z1R, it was developed to capitalize on its strengths, starting with the choice of cables to increase the amount of transmission, resulting in a more three-dimensional sound, as well as high and low-frequency extension. At the same time, the soundstage is widened, the positioning of the image is clear, and the sense of realism and original characteristics are increased.


  • Connector: MMCX (support SONY IER-Z1R, IEM-M7, IER-M9)
  • Plug: 4.4mm
  • Conductor: High-functionality high-purity copper conductor
  • Conductor structure: Quad Spiral structure
  • Special processing: Tuning exclusively for IER-Z1R
  • Isolation: special high-functionality resin
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