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KOJO Technology

KOJO Technology Crystal E-G Limited Edition Audiophile Ground Box Made In Japan

KOJO Technology Crystal E-G Limited Edition Audiophile Ground Box Made In Japan

Brand: KOJO Technology

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The new high-end ground box KOJO Technology Crystal E-G Ground Box, with champagne gold anodized exterior, is based on the limited edition "Crystal E Jtune". Inside, it features 8 layers of exotic metal plates with fine sandblasted finish and 6 special aluminum electrolytic capacitors, and the surface of the conductor is etched with special etching process to form a sponge-like structure, which creates unprecedented surface area of the conductor.

8 layers of heterogeneous metal plates are used to create a grounding effect through the conductivity of different metals. The grounding surface area is greatly enhanced by the fine spraying and frosting treatment.

  • A total of 6 capacitive Crystal EPs made of banded high-purity aluminum foils are used to further increase the grounding surface area.
  • Total 68,000 cm2 grounded surface area, 68 times larger than Crystal E.
  • Newly designed screws for improved venting, connection, and transparency.
  • Small but heavy 830g.
  • Includes RCA-Y and Y-Y 1.2 meter long ground cables.
  • Made in Aomori, Japan.

Product Features:
The Crystal E-G is an advanced version of the Crystal-E. The basic structure of the new E-G is identical to that of the limited edition E Jtune, but each layer of the interior has been more precisely milled (the picture above shows a milled layer on the left and a milled layer on the right), and the high-precision milling process has increased the surface area and the grounding effect.

In addition, compared to the Crystal-E, the new Crystal E-G incorporates six special aluminum electrolytic capacitors similar to those used in the Crystal EP series, making the E-G a hybrid design that is the most comprehensive of Koujo Seiko's grounding products.

  • Dimensions (including terminals or protrusions): 80 x 35 x 111 mm
  • Weight: Approx. 775g
  • Accessories: RCA plug - Y terminal (M4) (1.2m), Y terminal (M4) - Y terminal (M6) (1.2m)
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