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Acoustune ARS100 Pentaconn Ear Connector 4-Core mixed OFC 4.4mm 2.5mm Balanced Upgrade Cable

Acoustune ARS100 Pentaconn Ear Connector 4-Core mixed OFC 4.4mm 2.5mm Balanced Upgrade Cable

Brand: Acoustune

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Acoustune ARS100 series upgrade cable is made for HS1677SS and HS1697Ti, which are two of Acoustune's most popular headphones, and their high cost performance, Japanese-made, double-layered metal casing and distinctive sound have made the HS series headphones popular since their launch.

More Stable and Durable New Specification

  • In recent years, Acoustune headphones have switched to Pentaconn Ear replacement plugs, which are more stable and durable than the previous MMCX, with closer contact between the plug and the socket and better conductivity.

More advanced 4-cell hybrid ARS cable

  • Acoustune has always launched its own ARC headphone cable, which is always known for its ability to withstand the playfulness. The new ARS headphone cable is positioned above the ARC, ARS132 / ARS133 is braided with 4 cores of high quality OFC copper wire and silver-plated OFC copper wire, resulting in a delicate sound, high analytical power, balanced tone and less coloration. The gray wire cover is made of Japanese PVC material, which helps to reduce the stethoscope effect, and is a perfect match with the silver HS1677SS and Genmetal HS1697Ti.

High-quality sound

  • Compared with Acoustune's famous ARC series headphone cable, the ARS headphone cable has a more noble tone, with more beautiful vocals, more natural high-frequency extension, and a brighter low-frequency that makes the overall atmosphere more refreshing.


  • 4 cores high purity OFC copper wire and silver plated OFC copper wire mixed braid

Cable Length

  • 1.2m


  • Pentaconn Ear


  • ARS132 - 2.5mm
  • ARS133 - 4.4mm
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