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Acoustune RS Three In-Ear Monitor 9.2mm Driver IEM Earphone

Acoustune RS Three In-Ear Monitor 9.2mm Driver IEM Earphone

Brand: Acoustune

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Acoustune RS Three further incorporates Acoustune's sonic technology. The HS Series and the new "MILINX EL-S" driver diaphragm are equipped to create a sound suitable for music production.

The RS Three is the second Acoustune monitor headset to combine high durability and monitoring performance.

Based on the RS ONE, it further incorporates the sound quality technology of the HS series to create a sound suitable for music production. The compact, lightweight, and fatigue-free design allows you to build a compact, comfortable monitoring environment that can be carried around. In terms of practicality, it has a compact body that can be worn by anyone, while cleaning up problematic parts of the RS ONE, such as broken nozzles, broken connectors and housing components, and poor contact. In addition, the length of the cable has been improved to make it easier to use in studios, band rooms and other places, with less tangling and less noise to the touch.

- Sound that is suitable for music production.
For the RS THREE project, Acoustune interviewed several well-known professional composers. As a result, it was discovered that many of them use multiple environments (speakers, headphones and headphones) when composing music. When it delved into the requirements of headphones in areas different from speakers and headphones, it found a high demand for sound monitoring performance such as ultra-low frequency, sissy, lip-synch and vocal image. RS THREE is specifically tailored to make these sounds easier to hear, while also offering standalone monitoring performance that can be used with speakers and headphones to further enhance the sound quality of your songs.

-The Myrinx EL-S driver combines high input and high acoustic performance.
The Myrinx EL-S is based on the Myrinx EL, but with a more tightly controlled diaphragm. acoustune developed the Myrinx EL driver for the RS ONE using the proprietary technology of the Myrinx driver. The Myrinx EL-S driver is a more accurate monitoring driver than the Myrinx driver. The material used in Myrinx EL-S is an ultra-high performance resin for medical applications, but is lightweight, extremely rigid, and has very high acoustic properties and high internal loss. The high internal loss reduces extraneous incidental sound that adversely affects air perception and positioning, and enables fine monitoring of the sound field and acoustic image required for the nearest high-resolution source.

To take full advantage of this Myrinx EL-S driver, a large rear chamber is fixed behind the diaphragm and placed at a distance from the diaphragm to the grille to achieve a high input resistance that allows normal use of input signals of up to 250 mW*1 even after a moment. This makes the speakers of the headphones sturdy and will not damage them even in the case of sudden large input. The large travel width of the diaphragm brings out the bass as if it were a loudspeaker, providing the quality monitoring needed for recent music. 1 Test 1 kHz sine wave signal.

- Highly rugged body resists impact, heat and sweat.
Based on market research, the number of parts was reduced and a highly rugged body was achieved through extensive research into parts that could be damaged in earphones. The outer shell consists of two parts and is made of polycarbonate, which has excellent impact, weather and heat resistance. By reducing the number of parts as much as possible, each component becomes simpler and more robust, greatly reducing the risk of failure even in harsh environments. The panel part serves to increase the stiffness of the body while giving it the identity of an earpiece. In addition, the compact body is designed with a custom case for use by both men and women.

- The highly reliable Pentaconn Ear connector is used.
(The new Pentaconn Ear IEM connectors are designed and manufactured by Nippon Dics Corporation for high sound quality and reliability. Compared to the traditional MMCX connector, it provides a tighter contact between the plug and the jack, offering superior conduction performance. It also offers convenient transcendence and robustness.

Acoustune RS Three Product Features:
- Equipped with the new 9.2mm Myrinx EL-S unit, tuned for music production
- Myrinx EL-S is more accurate and rigid than Myrinx units, with the ability to monitor high-resolution audio sources
- Withstands up to 250mW source input, even in the face of powerful transient units
- Highly rugged body, resistant to shock, heat and sweat
- 1.8m cable (with Pentaconn Ear connector / 3.5mm Plug) extended ARM011L with high purity Litz Wire and Kevlar, double shielded, double twisted 4 core construction

2 Different Colors:

  • Aiiro (Blue)
  • Clear
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