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AZLA Xelastec Soft Eartips for In-Ear Monitor IEM Earphone 2 Pairs 6 Sizes

AZLA Xelastec Soft Eartips for In-Ear Monitor IEM Earphone 2 Pairs 6 Sizes

Brand: AZLA

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AZLA XELASTEC Earpieces are an important factor that ultimately determines the sound quality of earphones. The "Sedna Earfit" series has a design and shaft structure based on data obtained by analyzing the ear canal of 788 people, which enables a high level of fitting and fixing force to the earphone nozzle, and at the same time improves sound insulation.


⚡️ Stronger sealing effect to block out outside noise
⚡️ Less likely to slip out due to ear oil or strenuous exercise.
⚡️ The eartips will be softened by the user's body temperature.
⚡️ Medical-grade TPE material manufactured and imported from Germany.
⚡️ Obtained ISO 10993-5, ISO 10993-10, ISO 10993-11, ISO 10993-4 standard
⚡️ Free of heavy metals, latex, PVC and plasticizer PAEs

Suitable for earphone with 4mm to 5.5mm (diameter) nozzles, including Campfire, NOBLE, AK x JH, Final B, FIR, Libratone... 


  • Softens / deforms due to body temperature

In order to achieve the ultimate fit, we have adopted the high quality thermoplastic elastomer (TPE: Thermal Plastic Elastomer) from the world-famous manufacturer KRAIBURG TPE as a material. 

  • Germany's KRAIBURG TPE

"Sedna Earfit™ XELASTEC" uses TPE that complies with US FDA (American Food and Drug Administration) and EU10/2011 regulations, so it can be used safely and with peace of mind. 

  • Comfortable wearing

XELASTEC is viscous and elastic. The earplugs are used on the earphones, and soft elasticity can be worn on the ears without any burden.

  • Engineering

XELASTEC series products are made through complicated and difficult engineering. It is made of excellent German Kraiburg TPE raw materials, and is produced in an automated environment under perfect temperature conditions and a clean environment through the experience of the highest engineering and technical personnel.

  • Unique straight shape

"Sedna Earfit™ XELASTEC" uses a unique straight shape, while other Sedna Earfit series adopts a horn shape. 

6 Sizes (same size, 2 pairs) are available for the above models.

  • SS - Extra Small (Outer diameter: 10.4mm)

  • S - Small (Outer diameter: 11.2mm)

  • MS - Medium Small (Outer diameter: 11.9mm)

  • M - Medium (Outer diameter: 12.6mm)

  • ML - Medium Large (Outer diameter: 13.3mm)

  • L - Large (Outer diameter: 14mm)

Each pack contains 2 pairs (4 pcs) for SAME model / size / Color eartips.

Remarks: This pack includes eartips ONLY. Earphone is NOT included.

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