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DDHiFi DJ44S M1 MAX 4.4mm Balanced Ground Pin Adapter for SONY DAP WM1A WM1Z WM1AM2 WM1ZM2

DDHiFi DJ44S M1 MAX 4.4mm Balanced Ground Pin Adapter for SONY DAP WM1A WM1Z WM1AM2 WM1ZM2

Brand: DDHiFi

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DD HiFi DJ44S M1 MAX grounding upgrade for SONY DAP WM1A WM1Z WM1AM2 WM1ZM2

  • Integrated, dedicated to the machine
  • No change to the original sound path
  • Soldering with thickened single crystal copper connection wire, lead-free gold solder*.
  • *Solder brand MUNDORF: Sn88.6%, Cu1.8%, Ag9.5%, Au0.1%.


  • SONY player 4.4mm plug. Why is there no ground?

The regular headphone cable has only R+ R- L+ L- four wires, not using the 4.4 plug ground wire. On the other hand, after grounding the 4.4 headphone jack, there may be a shock sound when unplugging.

  • Why does the sound improve after grounding?

There is a prerequisite that the 4.4 headphone cable used must be grounded properly with a masking layer. SONY players, especially the NW-WM1Z and NW-WM1ZM2, are made of oxygen-free copper plated material, which has high purity and strong electrical conductivity and can provide a good grounding mask. After connecting the 4.4 headphone cable with the cover, the cover of the player's casing and the cover of the headphone cable are connected, which can better prevent the influence of external static induction or electromagnetic induction.

  • Integrated grounding design, reliable and safe

The grounding pin of the DJ44S is much shorter than the 3.5mm headphone plug, ensuring proper grounding while preventing damage to the socket due to force imbalance*. *The unbalanced force refers to the tilted angle when inserting or pulling out the adapter, and the force is too much towards one side. Since the 3.5mm headphone jack is a plastic case, there is a high risk of damage to the jack in this case.

Remarks: This is contain adapter ONLY. NO digital audio player (DAP) is included.

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