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ELETECH Baroque Silicon Eartips 2 Pairs Per Pack

ELETECH Baroque Silicon Eartips 2 Pairs Per Pack


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ELETECH Baroque series marks Eletech's ambitious first foray into the in-ear monitor market. The design team drew inspiration from the lavish and striking artistic styles of the Baroque period, developing the first ergonomic earphone product based on geometric structures after multiple trials and improvements. This validated Eletech's relentless pursuit of perfect music experiences and imaginative creativity beyond expectations.

"Baroque" eartips use the finest materials and craftsmanship to achieve a perfect balance between comfort and sound quality. Through precise and complex internal designs, Baroque eartips are able to fully unleash the potential performance of headphones, presenting unprecedented subtle tonal variations, clarity and richness.
  • Wide Bore Design
Featuring a wide bore design, the ‘Baroque’ accentuates treble, expands soundstage, and creates a wider and more spacious audio presentation. Having a wide bore also brings forth a touch of brightness, adding a delightful sparkle to the overall sound signature.
  • Japan Medical Grade Silicon
Specially formulated silicon blend ensures unmatched comfort, without any concerns of allergies or skin sensitivities. Meticulously finished with a silky smooth touch, these eartips provide a truly luxurious and hypoallergenic wearing experience.
  • Premium Sturdy Silicon
Boasting premium silicon construction, the ‘Baroque’ ensures consistent shape and integrity over time, providing a reliable and impeccable fit for any earphones.
  • Eletech Proprietary Acoustics Design - TRIA™
Introducing ‘TRIA™’, a revolutionary design feature infused into the Baroque collection, inspired by the acoustic panels used in sound engineering. Drawing from the science of acoustic diffusion, ‘TRIA™’ strategically disperses sound waves to minimize unwanted resonances and reflections, resulting in a remarkably pure and immersive listening experience. The intricate design of ‘TRIA™’ optimizes the soundstage, allowing instruments and vocals to breathe with a natural sense of depth and separation.
  • Eletech Proprietary Material Tech - SATINÉ™
‘SATINÉ™’, a proprietary innovative material tech specially developed by Eletech, utilizes nano wavy lines, offering a significant tactile enhancement for eartips, focusing on both comfort and touch. Through this technology, ‘SATINÉ™’ achieves a smooth and satin-like texture, transforming the wearing experience.
  • Eletech Proprietary Acoustics Design - Flexion™

Inspired by origami, ‘Flexion™’ is seamlessly integrated into the Baroque collection. ‘Flexion™’ promises a new level of ergonomics and adaptability to ensure a comfortable and customized fit. Beyond its ergonomic benefits, ‘Flexion™’ plays a pivotal role in reducing unwanted vibrations. By strategically controlling and dispersing vibrations, ‘Flexion’ minimizes resonance and distortion, resulting in a cleaner and more accurate audio reproduction.

Taking cues from the principles of origami, ‘Flexion’ allows the eartips to flex and conform to the unique contours of the ear, providing a secure and personalized seal for optimal noise isolation.


  • Inner nozzle diameter: 4mm
  • Outer diameter: Small : 11mm, Medium: 12.25mm, Large: 13.3mm (Please refer to the attached picture)
  • Color: Green (Small S), Purple (Medium M), Yellow (Large L) 

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  • 2 Pairs per Pack (Same Size)
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