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Final Audio

Final Audio E5000 In-Ear Monitor IEM Earphone with MMCX 3.5mm Cable

Final Audio E5000 In-Ear Monitor IEM Earphone with MMCX 3.5mm Cable

Brand: Final Audio

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With Final Audio E5000, no particular sound ranges have been emphasized, and this, together with our commitment to detailed sound expression, achieves a vast sound stage that seems to envelop you, something unthinkable in earphones up until now.

  • Sound creation based on acoustic engineering and psychology

We’ve carried out the sound design of this product based on the latest acoustic engineering and psychological research results. Using the usual method of sound creation whereby high frequencies are given a sharp peak and certain high frequencies are emphasized, you’re given to feel vivid sound when you first listen, but because of this peak, the anteroposterior ranges are masked and hard to hear. With the E series, making the arc of the frequency response smooth overall ensured that no bands were masked, and we achieved high resolution. Compared to E3000/E2000, a purer, subtler sound is achieved.

  • An acoustic chamber that is the core of low-frequency tuning

There is an acoustic resistor inside the rear housing of the driver unit, and this controls the low mid-range frequency characteristics that determine the framework of the sound quality. At the end of this, there is a pipe bent into an L-shape (acoustic chamber) which is necessary for tuning; with this, we have achieved a balance between the volume of low frequencies and clarity.

In addition, the silver-coated cable is standard equipment. With the employment of an MMCX connector that can be re-cabled, it is possible to replace the cable in the event of cable breakage.


  • Housing: Stainless steel mirror-finished
  • Driver: 6.4 mm dynamic driver
  • Impedance: 14 Ohm
  • Cable length 1.2 m
  • Cable connector: MMCX
  • Cable plug: 3.5mm
  • Weight: 24g

What's in the box ?

  • Final Audio E5000 Earphone
  • Earpieces
  • Ear hooks
  • Carrying case
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