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HanSound Audio DANTA Pyramid Series In-Ear Monitor IEM Earphone Upgrade Cable Rhodium Version Made In Taiwan

HanSound Audio DANTA Pyramid Series In-Ear Monitor IEM Earphone Upgrade Cable Rhodium Version Made In Taiwan

Brand: HanSound

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The all new Han Sound Audio DANTA Pyramid Series, remove the traditional thermoplastic like PVC or PE material as the insulating jacket. It just only use high density braid cloth to replace thermoplastic.

In comparison, the cables of the pyramid series are the most softness cables which have woven cloth, and they make the sound more excellent.

DANTA is the first cable in the Pyramid series, uses a well-proportioned gold-silver alloy and OCC litz high-density mixed twist. Use special polymer soft material to be spiral insulation. It has high insulation, high dielectric coefficient, and exellent weather resistance, and the effect is better than thermoplastic as jacket. In terms of sound performance, it has an excellent bloom in high-frequency and full extreme emotion, and first impression of you is most lasting.


  • The first cable in the Pyramid series
  • Gold-silver alloy and OCC-copper litz mixed strand with SPC shielding
  • SPC (silver-plated copper) shielding for GND pole in 4.4mm plug
  • Using the thermoplastic-free of Pyramid structure
  • Jacket: Braided fabric of trilobal bright
  • Color: Prussian blue
  • Gauge: 23 AWG each wire
  • Quantity of wire: 2-wire
  • Plug: 4.4mm Balanced (Rhodium 鍍銠)
  • Connector: CM 2-Pin  (Rhodium 鍍銠)

HanSound Audio is a brand of the highest quality handmade upgrade cables in Taiwan. It was founded since 2010 and located in Taipei city, Taiwan.

For more than 7 years, HanSound has concentrated on establishing a competitive advantage in upgrade cables, and our team also has the ability to keep innovating and improving the quality. We keep committed to excellent quality, professional tuning tech, and make use of different metal raw material to create a unique sound.

Among many brands of upgrade cables, HanSound focuses on every customer and listens to requires from customers, and then we provide professional consulting services to discuss. We do not hesitate to allow customers to audition our upgrades cables in each area of distribution. This is why customers will consider HanSound Audio initially.

Remarks: This item includes cable ONLY. Earphone is NOT included.
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