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iBasso DC04 PRO Hi-Res Dual DAC Amplifier for 3.5mm 4.4mm Earphone iPhone Android Smartphone

iBasso DC04 PRO Hi-Res Dual DAC Amplifier for 3.5mm 4.4mm Earphone iPhone Android Smartphone

Brand: iBasso

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iBasso DC04 PRO DAC Amplifier (Released on March 2023)

1. DUAL CS43131 flagship DAC
2. Synchronous rectifier + ultra-low noise LDO
3. 4 independent headphone amplifier to build a fully balanced circuit
4. Self-developed FPGA technology + KDS femtosecond crystal
5. Signal-to-noise ratio: 131dB THD+N: 0.00013%. 6.
6. Bottom noise as low as 0.9μV
7. 280mW@32Ω thrust
8. Hard-decoded DSD256, PCM32bit/384kHz
9. Multi-functional supporting APK
10. independent volume buttons, 100 level volume adjustment
11. 4.4mm+3.5mm dual interface
12. Aluminum alloy CNC case


1. No shortcomings, all pull full
Create a true hexagonal warrior
The DC04PRO is a combination of many specialties - dual CS43131 flagship DAC, synchronous rectification + ultra-low noise LDO power supply, four independent balanced earphones, self-researched FPGA technology, KDS femtosecond crystal, multi-function APK, CNC one-piece casing, double-sided glass. The DC04PRO is a full-fledged small tail with outstanding sound quality, high thrust, high current output, dual interface, interchangeable cables, excellent power control, and outstanding indicators.

2. Dual CS43131 flagship DAC
Ultra-low noise LDO to ensure pure power supply
The DC04PRO uses Cirrus Logic's flagship DAC with Master HiFi™ technology, the CS43131, for superior performance and listening. The DC04PRO uses a low noise LDO for RF and analog circuits.

The DC04 PRO has a low noise floor of nanovolts!

Synchronous rectification + ultra-low noise LDO
Small tail power supply technology top work
The DC04PRO uses an independent power supply structure to ensure adequate power supply to the small tail through synchronous rectification, low-noise high-speed LDO, and high-efficiency DC/DC boost technology to bring dynamic, cohesive and powerful sound like a player.

4. Independent 4-way fully balanced earphone circuitry
10V high voltage power supply
The DC04PRO uses a dual RT6863 to build a 4-way fully balanced amplifier with ultra-low distortion, a linear output current of up to 100mA, and a thrust of 280mW@32Ω at 10V. With a well-designed analog circuit, the DC04PRO sounds full, warm, transparent, and delicate, saying goodbye to the thin, cold, and harsh digital sound of cell phones.

5. FPGA technology + KDS femtosecond crystal
Effective jitter reduction and distortion reduction
We use the self-researched FPGA algorithm accumulated on the player, and boldly apply it to DC04PRO. At the same time, the KDS femtosecond crystal is used as the clock source for the FPGA, effectively reducing jitter in the clock and audio data, allowing accurate sound restoration and significantly reducing distortion.

6. Breakthrough in core indicators
Pioneer a new level of small tail
The index is not the only standard to verify the sound quality, but it is enough to illustrate the good or bad materials and design ability of the product. In the DC04PRO, the AP measurement index has been raised to a new level.
Signal-to-noise ratio 131dB
THD+N 0.00013%
Bottom noise Less than 0.9μV
Balanced thrust 280mW@32Ω
Low to nanovoltage, truly "almost 0 noise"!

7. Better power control
Free adjustment, easy to hold
DC04PRO lower power consumption, and fully meet the needs of free adjustment. Compared to similar small tail up to 700, 800mW power consumption, the DC04PRO power consumption and heat is lower, giving you excellent The DC04PRO's power consumption and heat generation is lower than similar small tail up to 700, 800mW, giving you excellent sound quality and long-lasting listening.

8. with Android APK
Realize many hardware-level function control
Download the APK for Android phones - iBasso UAC, you can freely use a variety of hardware-level functions.
100 levels of hardware volume adjustment
5 types of selectable digital filtering
3 levels of high and low gain
2 selectable output modes
20 levels of sound balance adjustment
New power saving mode

9. Aluminum alloy CNC one-piece molding
Both high quality and craftsmanship
The DC04PRO continues the highly acclaimed unibody design with a CNC machined aluminum casing. The double-sided tempered glass panel provides a sense of refinement and style.
6 times CNC composite processing
8 high level processes
2 solid volume buttons
Skeleton Design
Double-sided tempered glass panel
Ceramic sandblasted case with fine finish

10. Switchable cable design
Multi-Platform Switching
The DC04PRO is designed with interchangeable cables, and comes standard with Type-C to Type-C cables for direct use on Android devices. The Type-C to Lightning cable can be replaced to experience HiFi sound on iOS devices. Through the free C to A adapter, connect PC and MAC, transform into a USB DAC, a multi-purpose more valuable.

11. 4.4mm + 3.5mm Dual Interface
Balance and single-ended at the same time to get

12. Multi-color indicator
All status at a glance

13. operation introduction
DC04PRO is plug-and-play on Android devices with Android 5.1 or above (depending on the system or hardware of the device, there may be compatibility differences on very few Android devices). To experience the full functionality of the DC04PRO, it is recommended that you install the iBasso UAC, the exclusive Android APK for the ibasso decoding earphone cable, which allows for fine volume adjustment as well as the ability to change filter and channel balance settings. Some models of Android devices may require the OTG function to be turned on manually in the system settings. When used with a cell phone, it supports PCM 32bit/384kHz and Native DSD256 output.


  • DAC chip: CS43131 x 2
  • PCM: Up to 32bit / 384kHz
  • DSD: Up to Native DSD 256x
  • THD+N: (1) 4.4mm balanced output: 0.00013% (300Ω load), (2) 3.5mm single-ended output: 0.00018% (300Ω load)
  • Output Level: (1) 4.4mm balanced output: 3.0Vrms (32Ω load) 4.0Vrms (300Ω load), (2 3.5mm single-ended output: 2.0Vrms (32Ω load) 2.0Vrms (300Ω load)
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: (1) 4.4mm balanced output: 131 dB, (2) 3.5mm single-ended output: 127 dB
  • Dynamic Range: (1) 4.4mm balanced output: 128 dB, (2) 3.5mm single-ended output: 126 dB
  • Frequency Response Range: (1) 4.4mm balanced output: 20 ~ 40,000 Hz ±0.5 dB, (2) 3.5mm single-ended output: 20 ~ 40,000 Hz ±0.5 dB
  • Output Impedance: (1) 4.4mm balanced output: <0.4 Ω, (2) 3.5mm single-ended output: <0.2 Ω
  • Dimension: 59 x 23.4 x 12.1 mm
  • Weight: 21 g
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