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InTime Miyabi MKII In-Ear Monitor IEM Earphone MMCX 3.5mm Cable Made In Japan

InTime Miyabi MKII In-Ear Monitor IEM Earphone MMCX 3.5mm Cable Made In Japan

Brand: InTime

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For 2023, Intime has decided to take the three most popular models, the Kira, the GO and the Miyabi, and combine them with the latest front chamber technology, the newly developed VST2 and HDSS technology to create a higher format Miyabi MKII model.

  • Third-generation VST2 piezo-ceramic unit
  • Patented 4th generation HDSS® technology
  • Yan Sanjian anodized titanium casing craftsmanship
  • Experience the soulful sound of music with the God of Comprehensiveness.
While the Kira Mark II and Go Mark II specialize in high and low frequencies respectively, the Miyabi MKII is an all-around omnivorous headphone for you to enjoy. The Miyabi MKII has changed from brass to titanium for a more refined sound, and the tuning is more balanced and glossy than its predecessor.

The graphene-coated bass speaker, combined with the 3rd generation VST2, delivers higher resolution and purer sound. The resin shell is made by the famous craftsmen of Gunma Prefecture, and the tortoiseshell color has been chosen to add elegance to the image.

The all-round Miyabi MKII brings the user the most comprehensive audio experience, with different frequency ranges and music styles delicately brought to life in the user's ears.
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