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InTime YO In-Ear Monitor IEM Earphone MMCX 4.4mm Plug Made In Japan HK Special Edition

InTime YO In-Ear Monitor IEM Earphone MMCX 4.4mm Plug Made In Japan HK Special Edition

Brand: InTime

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InTime YO is one of the most popular and cost effective brands in Japan, and its affordable price combined with HiRes Audio certification and locally developed tuning technology and unit patents have attracted much attention upon arrival in Hong Kong. To celebrate the 14th anniversary of its long-time partner e-Earphone, Intime is launching a new joint-branded model - Yoyo.

Since the beginning of 2019, the two companies have held many meetings on tuning, technology, materials and colors, and finally decided to make the YeoYo's sound feature even, delicate, clear and stereo. The Yo Yo is the same series as the popular Kira Wong and Go Boom, but the Yo Yo is made of titanium alloy instead of aluminum alloy, with VST2 3rd generation piezo-ceramic and 3rd generation HDSS technology, so it is the most advanced one in the series.

Hong Kong is the other region outside of Japan to authorize the sale of YoYo; it will be sold in Hong Kong in limited quantities with an exclusive light purple and grey color, and a hybrid 4.4mm balanced plug headphone cable in collaboration with Nobunaga Lab.

  • Driver: 10mm graphene coated dynamic driver, 3rd generation piezoelectric ceramic driver (VST2 patented technology)
  • Enclosure Material: Titanium Alloy & Resin
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-55kHz
  • Sensitivity: 100dB/1mW
  • Impedance: 22Ω
  • Cable: MMCX (Nobunaga Lab) connector + 4.4mm balanced plug
  • Hong Kong version only
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