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KOJO Technology

KOJO Technology Crystal E Audiophile Ground Box

KOJO Technology Crystal E Audiophile Ground Box

Brand: KOJO Technology

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KOJO Technology is one of the first Japanese brands to launch ground box products. Crystal E inherited the design concept of Force barEP, re-examined the materials, internal structure, and shell design to push the sound quality to a higher level.

Crystal E is a ground box with multi-layer dissimilar metal structure like Force barEP. However, after the redesign of the shape, the ground surface area has been greatly increased by 1.75 times, and the effect is better than ever.

The new design not only increases the surface area of ​​each layer of metal plates, but also reserves 0.5mm gaps between the layers of metal plates. The design is similar to the Heat Sink structure, and the dissimilar metal structure is more than the previous 6 layers (copper/brass/copper) /Brass/Copper/Steel> upgrade to 8-layer <Stainless Steel/Brass/Copper/Brass/Copper/Brass/Copper/Brass> is the key to the smaller Crystal E having a larger grounding area than before.

The housing material has also been improved. In the past, Force barEP only used 2mm stainless steel top cover and 1.5mm aluminum bottom plate. The Crystal series has been strengthened into 2mm aluminum top cover and 2mm steel bottom plate. The low center of gravity design makes the body more stable and helps improve the sound quality. .

The ground terminal of Crystal E uses M4-inch stainless steel screws to fix the ground wire of the Y-shaped plug, and it can be connected firmly by ordinary Phillips screwdriver. There are two ground terminals on the fuselage. In addition to connecting audio equipment, you can also connect one more Crystal E in series to enhance the effect.

In order to be the best, Crystal E focused on the floor box function, deleted the other functions of Force barEP, and redesigned the fuselage structure to create a new low-center multi-layer alien metal structure to maximize the floor box effect.

Crystal E comes with two 1.2-meter ground wires, one is RCA ‒ Y plug, and the other is Y ‒ Y plug. The same high-quality coaxial cable is used as before, with gold-plated plugs.

The RCA ‒ Y plug ground wire is suitable for connecting audio equipment with analog input and output terminals, such as amplifiers, and connects to vacant RCA terminals.

The Y ‒ Y plug ground wire is suitable for connecting to the housing of audio equipment that has no vacant RCA terminals, or equipment with GND terminals.

*We suggest to try different connection methods for better results

  • Cost-effective

The new Crystal series was born to improve sound quality just like the previous Force bar, but maintaining product quality at a reasonable price is also the core value of the Crystal series. After deleting M・I・S and other functions, the material and production cost of Crystal E can be reduced, maintaining high cost performance.

In addition to eliminating signal noise and making the background darker and quieter, the mid-range, mid-range and low-frequency vocals and instrument sounds sound fuller and richer after using Crystal E. The analysis power is significantly improved, and the sound contours are more clean and neat, regardless of the pursuit of magnificence. Classical music with a sense of space, or lively Jazz, Rock, and Pop styles can be played more vividly.

Including Crystal E, the design concept of the entire Crystal series is the same as its name, pursuing clarity, slenderness, and transparency. Compared with the hard-feeling Force bar series, the silver-white matte body of the Crystal series feels more refined and advanced. In addition, , The sides of the fuselage and the bottom cover are all uniform in color, and the curved surface treatment of the bottom cover is also perfectly integrated with the top cover to give a sense of integration.

The product model is clearly printed on the top cover in thin fonts, which is more fashionable. At the same time, the ground connection method is clearly displayed with "FROM EQUIPMENT" and "ADD E" instructions, which is convenient for users to use, and does not lose KOJO "Creative Power Accessories" The good name.


  • Dimensions: W80 × H35 × D111 [mm] (excluding terminals or protrusions)
  • Weight: Approx. 775g
  • Accessories: RCA plug - Y terminal (M4) (1.2m), Y terminal (M4) - Y terminal (M6) (1.2m)

3 Different Versions:

  • Regular Version
  • E-G Version
  • Jtune Version
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