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KOJO Technology

KOJO Technology Crystal EpUA USB Type-A Ground Terminals

KOJO Technology Crystal EpUA USB Type-A Ground Terminals

Brand: KOJO Technology

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KOJO Technology, an Aomori-based power supply specialist, launched the Crystal Ep series last year, a popular line of floor plugs for a wide range of audio products and applications. This weekend, a new version, the Crystal EpUA, will be launched.
The Crystal EpUA is a gold-plated USB Type-A plug designed for CAS / desktop PC audio systems, and like the Crystal Ep products, it uses a special aluminum foil capacitor inside to enhance the sound quality of the product!

According to the manufacturer, Crystal EPUA is designed for streaming and computer/NAS equipment, effectively grounding the digital product, greatly improving the sound, reducing digital flavor, and providing a smooth and airy finish. The next step is to add a clone1/2 ground to the end of the Candle EP and connect it to the Crystal E ground box, which gives you the best of both worlds: soundstage, positioning, dynamics and color!


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