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LEPIC MagSafe DAC PU Pocket for Apple iPhone 3 Colors Navy Dark Gary Black

LEPIC MagSafe DAC PU Pocket for Apple iPhone 3 Colors Navy Dark Gary Black

Brand: LEPIC

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LEPIC MagSafe DAC Pocket

The Lepic DAC Pocket portable DAC/amp MagSafe magnetic case allows the DAC/amp to be securely attached to the back of a smartphone using the high-elasticity rubber band on the back, providing effective protection for both the DAC/amp and connected cables.

  • Two-compartment design

Taking into account the bending of cables, the design places the portable DAC/amp on the side, storing it and the cables in two separate compartments with the use of high-elasticity rubber bands. This two-compartment design is suitable for holding various cables and portable DAC/amps of different sizes.

  • The Italian SYNT3 PU material comes in a variety of color options

Using premium PU leather material brand SYNT3 from Milan, Italy, the two-tone embossed SILHOUETTE fabric with a sense of texture not only embellishes the overall fashion, but also provides Navy, Dark Gray, and Black for users to choose from.

Product Features:

  • Korean Compartmentalized Design

Considering the bends of the cables, the ear extensions of the portable DAC are placed on the side and separated from the cables in two compartments with a highly flexible rubber band cover. The two-compartment design is suitable for storing all kinds of cables and different sizes of portable DAC earphones.

  • Italian SYNT3 PU fabric, available in various colors.

This product is made of two-color embossed Silhouette fabric from SYNT3, an Italian Milanese brand famous for its high-quality PU fabrics, which adds a sense of style to the design.

  • Anti-split rail

The back panel includes a raised guard rail to prevent the device from slipping off.

  • MagSafe Magnet

MagSafe magnets are built-in for easy and reliable loading and unloading. A built-in metal plate protects the device from magnetic influences.

  • Storage

Stores in different orientations depending on the length of the cable, or puts in port adapters for versatile use of the rubber band sleeve.

Storage Size

  • Due to the elasticized rubber band sleeve, the sleeve changes according to the size of the portable DAC earphones and can accommodate various sizes of portable DAC earphones.


  • Material: MagSafe Magnet|Rubber Tape|Polyurethane
  • Dimensions: 63.5mm x 11.5 mm
  • Weight: 31 g
3 Color available:
  • Navy
  • Dark Gray
  • Black


This item includes pocket / case only. NO smartphone, DAC or cable is included.

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