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PenPower Diamond Jr USB Chinese Writing Pad (XP/7/8/10)

PenPower Diamond Jr USB Chinese Writing Pad (XP/7/8/10)

Brand: Penpower

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PenPower Diamond Junior USB Chinese Writing Pad is the ultra-modern design touch writing pad.  It can recognize traditional and simplified Chinese, Hong Kong characters, English, numbers, symbols, Japanese hiragana and katakana. Moreover, it has English-Chinese/Chinese-English real-time online translation and dictionary search functions and allows dial-up connection and e-mail receipt. When an e-mail is received, it notifies you with music/a flash of light. The writing surface is approximately 2" x1.5" The actual tablet size is 4.33" x 3.54" Available in 2 different colors, White and Black.

  • Unicode recognition kernel: Support Unicode system to display Traditional and Simplified Chinese easily.
  • All in one recognition kernel of Big5 and GB: The character set can be recognized including more than 23000 Chinese words, alphabets, numeric, symbol, Hiragana, and Katakana.
  • Artificial Intelligence recognition kernel: Highly adaptable to the uniqueness of your handwriting and can be used as a personal handwriting system.
  • Full-screen continual writing: The accurate characters segmentation technology ensures a single recognition for a complete sentence. It can be used in conjunction with most word processors and application software.
  • Free writing recognition kernel: No particular stroke orders is required. It is capable of recognizing near-illegible words. It can be used together with software application such as office 2000 / XP.
  • Other auxiliary function: Provide many useful functions, such as related phrase, related word, special symbol table, homophone, dictionary, learning string, color inking and sound effect…etc., to make input easier.
  • Transparent signature: Your signature can be overlapped with WORD or EXCEL document to keep their related position to avoid ruining the document format. The signature can be inserted into e-Mails and sent to others.
  • Balloon UI: The visual user interface is hidden transparently. The function tool bar will be popped up along with the movement of the cursor.
  • Linking on MSN Messenger: When Microsoft MSN Messenger was installed, it can provide handwriting and drawing on the editing area. Draw and write whatever you want to make the communication more fun.
  • Handwriting pad size = 2 x 1.5 inch.
System Requirements:
  • Intel Pentium processor or compatible.
  • 64MB RAM.
  • 65MB disk space.
  • Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
  • USB port.
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