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PW Audio

PW Audio Orpheus Shielding IEM Earphone Upgrade Cable (4-Wire)

PW Audio Orpheus Shielding IEM Earphone Upgrade Cable (4-Wire)

Brand: PW Audio

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PW Audio has spent many years developing and breaking through technical limitations to present the most advanced music to every user.

Orpheus is a Greek god with extraordinary musical talent, specializing in playing with a seven-stringed harp that can even move Hades, the king of the underworld, and Orpheus' seven-stringed lyre is known as Lyra.

The new flagship, named Orpheus, will once again impress people with its music. Peter Wong, the founder of PW Audio, has spent years of research and has come to the conclusion that with the same number of cores, the sound of an insulated body will be better in terms of analysis, soundstage, and high-frequency performance. In order to further improve the sound detail, Peter tested the effect of different materials on the wire and found that the sound performance was better with the insulator on, so he tried again with different layers of lacquer. After persistent attempts, he finally mastered the difference between multi-layer lacquer and single-layer lacquer, resulting in the Orpheus wire body structure.

The Magician of Copper - Peter Wong
PW Audio is famous for its copper wire, and founder Peter Wong is good at using different processing methods to create a wide variety of sounds. "Copper" is the most basic conductive material for headphone cables, and it takes more time and effort to make each product unique. By continuously increasing the surface area of copper wire, electrons can travel across the surface at a faster rate, increasing density and detail while reducing interference and noise.

Individually Insulated, Enameled
The Orpheus has seven cores in each strand, each of which is individually insulated and covered with multiple layers of lacquer, and finally, the outer layer of each strand is insulated with TRP.

Sound Performance

There is no digital hard sound in the cable, it is natural and transparent, and every slight vibration can be reflected faithfully. The high frequencies are silky smooth, and even the ultra-high frequency band can be handled with ease. Compared to The 1960s, the sound is more imposing, and the soundstage is wider and more three-dimensional than in The 1950s.

Shielded version with different orientation

By adding an extra layer of shielding to the outer mesh of the regular version, it not only further enhances the blackness of the background, but also brings you a different feeling.


  • Jacket Material: soft PVC, Morandi blue nylon outer mesh
  • Conductor Material: Copper (each core is individually insulated + multi-layer enameled; outer layer TRP insulated)
  • Conductor Gauge: 26 AWG
  • Number of Conductors: 4 Wired

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