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Radius HP-NHR31 Hi-Res Earbuds with Strong Bass MMCX 3.5mm Plug

Radius HP-NHR31 Hi-Res Earbuds with Strong Bass MMCX 3.5mm Plug

Brand: Radius

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Radius HP-NHR31 has always been a good idea for building quality and reliable products from the Doblebe series, born in 2009.

The Ne (new ear) brand has passed down the attention to sound quality.

We have the unique technology of high resolution playback from smart portable audio products to home audio products.

Backed by the highest sound analysis technologies, design technologies, and craftsmanship, we always provide innovative, high quality acoustic experiences to our users.

  • Impressive Bass - The highest model of the VOLT series of deep bass earbuds that radius boast of. Enjoy powerful and crisp bass sound

(Equipped with a proprietary High-MFD structure driver) The magnetic flux leaking from the voice coil of the dynamic driver is trapped by the rebound magnetic force of the magnet, increasing the density of the magnetic flux for improved sensitivity and sound quality

  • Compatible with MMCX Recable: The head of the earphone is compatible with the remable cable of the MMCX connector, so you can change it to your preferred cable and enjoy the difference in sound quality. Even if the cable gets disconnected, you can change the cable to use the earphones for a long time

  • Deep Mount Earpieces: Uses radius's proprietary "deep mount earpieces". Unlike conventional models, it features a wide shape with a great fit that is gentle on the ear, high sound isolation, and rich bass playback. (Adjustable Port) The unique "adjustable port" mechanism allows you to adjust the position of the earpiece to be worn in 2 different positions, so you can wear it to suit your preference. The snug fit on your ears prevents bass from escaping and increases sound isolation, reducing stress on your ears

Product Note: This product uses a tangle-resistant nylon cable. Due to the nature of the material, touch noise may occur when the cable is scratched, but this is not a defect. Please be aware of this before purchasing. If your ear pieces are too big, the cable touch noise can transmit very much. If touch noise, you can reduce the size of the earpiece to resolve it

HP-NHR31 Specifications:

  • ■ Model: Dynamic Type
  • ■ Driver: 13.0mm
  • ■ Output sound pressure level: 103 plus minus 3 dB (@1KHz/100mV input)
  • ■ Reproduction frequency band: 5Hz - 40,000Hz Maximum input: 10mW
  • ■ Impedance: 17Ω plus minus 15%
  • ■ Plug: 3.5mm gold-plated stereo mini plug
  • ■ Connector: MMCX
  • ■ Cable Length: Approx. 47.2 inches (120 cm) (Y-type) type, nylon material

What's in the box ?

  • ■ Ear pieces (XS, S, M, L) x 1 set each
  • ■ Cable clip
  • ■ Pouch
  • ■ User manual
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