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VanNuys E298 Nylon Carry Bag with 5 Colors Made In Japan

VanNuys E298 Nylon Carry Bag with 5 Colors Made In Japan

Brand: VanNuys

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Mr. Saito, the president of VanNuys, specializes in the design and production of headphones and DAP pouches, and knows how to use different materials flexibly to create a variety of cases and pouches that are functional and look great, with the goal of providing first-class protection for portable listening devices. This is the material used by the U.S. military for ballistic nylon undershirts, which is highly resistant to wear and tear and has excellent durability.

In addition to practicality and durability, the VanNuys E298 is further enhanced with customisability and functionality. Combined with other VanNuys carry bag products to create more storage space.

The E298 is approximately 40mm thick and can hold a smartphone or digital music player.

The back of the main body has 6 rings and velcro for easy attachment to other VanNuys cases.

First determine the fixing position of the velcro part, and then fix the rings with a cord with a plug.


  • Material: 1050D nylon, W Polymesh
  • Dimensions (approx.): 150 x 95 x 40 mm

Made in Japan

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