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VanNuys E396 Ballistic Nylon Messenger-Style Carry Bag Made In Japan

VanNuys E396 Ballistic Nylon Messenger-Style Carry Bag Made In Japan

Brand: VanNuys

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Mr. Toda, the founder and designer of the VanNuys brand, specializes in designing and producing headphones and DAP carrying bags. He is adept at using various materials flexibly to create a variety of cases and carrying bags with outstanding functionality and appearance, with the goal of providing first-class protection for portable audio devices. Most of VanNuys' bags are made using ballistic nylon for the bag body, which is the same material used in military bulletproof vests, offering high abrasion resistance and excellent durability.

  • Product Features

There are various items that we always want to have with us. This model E396, small-sized sub-bag is primarily designed for secure storage and portability of smartphones, audio players, and earphones. The storage space can accommodate a variety of items such as smartphones, digital audio players, small wallets, card cases, earphones, and small notebooks. The main compartment has a large opening for easy access, and there is also space inside to store spare batteries and cables. The front zippered compartment has internal pockets for frequently used cards. The bag can be carried in different ways, such as shoulder strap, belt-mounted, or hand-held. The size is carefully considered to be neither too large nor too small for optimal usability. As you use the bag, you'll discover its perfect size and specifications tailored for your needs. VanNuys has packed the best usability into this compact sub-bag, and it's hoped that this bag will become an indispensable part of your everyday carry.

  • Material Basics

Ballistic nylon, also known as ballistic cloth, is a type of nylon fabric in which two strands of yarn are tightly twisted together, similar to the rifling pattern of a bullet. This material is commonly used in bulletproof vests or automotive tires. The structure of ballistic nylon is highly durable, abrasion-resistant, and tear-resistant, with strength several times greater than regular nylon fabric, providing protection for the contents of the bag and preventing wear and tear.

  • Design

The main compartment has pockets on both the front and back surfaces, allowing for storage of items such as smartphones or wallets. There are also zipper pockets on the top and bottom of the front panel for storing accessories like cards.


  • Model: E396
  • Materials: (1) Exterior: Ballistic Nylon; (2) Interior: Nylon
  • Dimensions: 170 x 115 x 40 mm

Made in Japan

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